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Crowns and Bridges

Getting crowns or bridges from your Porter Ranch, CA dentist is a great way to get back your natural look as well as improving the functionality of your teeth that may have been caused due to various reasons. That is why Dr. Michael Khorramian is here to ensure that you get back your strong and durable smile.

What is a Crown and Bridge?

A dental crown, also known as a cap, is a tooth-shaped cover that is placed over a weakened or damaged tooth. Its main aim is to bring back the tooth’s lost appearance and eliminate any further deterioration.

On the other hand, a dental bridge is made up of artificial teeth that are usually connected to a number of crowns that are used to fill a gap that was created due to a single or multiple missing teeth.

Are Crowns and Bridges Important to You?

The main aim of getting crowns and bridges is to rectify the problem caused in your dental structure due to an accident or tooth decay. The gap created may have a negative impact on how you eat or how your teeth function. Therefore, they improve the functionality as well as the look of your teeth.

In addition, the crown protects as well as giving power to the weakened tooth due to injury or decay. Crowns and bridges are therefore used to give a permanent as well as a non-removable option.

What are Crown and Bridges Made of?

At MK Dental Group, clients are provided with a wide range of options for the crowns. Usually, crowns can be made of all metal or porcelain. In some instances, they can be made of both. A Bridge is made out of artificial teeth supported on a bridge.

What is the Procedure Followed in Getting Crowns and Bridges?

Normally, the whole process takes two days at most. We are among the best-suited candidates to carry you through the entire process in Porter Ranch, CA.

On the initial day, an assessment will be carried out. This includes physical examinations accompanied by X-rays. Dr. Khorramian does all this to make sure that there is enough bone to support either of the processes. He comes up with a crown that is made specifically for you at MK Dental Group’s Lab with the help of a lab technician. A temporary crown is given to you if necessary before the final one is placed over the tooth on the next day.

Getting a bridge also follows a similar pattern as getting the crown. The main difference is the preparation of the abutment tooth. An abutment tooth is one that is chosen to support the bridge. When the bridge is ready, it is placed soon afterward.

When Do I Require a Crown or Bridge?

Many issues relating to your dental health may necessitate to you visiting MK Dental Group in order to get fitted with either a crown or bridge. Your tooth may be worn out, fractured or decayed. This will necessitate the whole of this process.

Special Care After Treatment

Keeping a disciplined oral regime as well as regular dental visits to take exams will be crucial in keeping your dental crowns and bridges in shape. They will be durable and long-lasting for years to come.

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